Viva La Summer!
December 30, 2019

Visitors to Lima do not need a calendar or a weather forecast to know: summer has arrived to the capital of Peru!

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Lima Living Healthy
September 25, 2019

Lima offers a full catalogue of restaurants following this new mantra; some endeavour in the exploration of responsible and organic trends while others attempt to conquer the vegan world.

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Lime Has Come to Lima
August 29, 2019

Scoot on over, walking. The new age of transportation has arrived. Shared electric scooters may not be new news for tourists, but they are for Lima.

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Brunch by the Brunches
June 25, 2019

The newest craze (or should we say crave?) in Lima's tamale-hot restaurant scene is the Sunday Brunch.

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Barranco Open Studios
May 27, 2019

The event takes place every year in late April/early May and is a unique opportunity to appreciate original art in abundance and meet the artists themselves.

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Do as Condors do
March 29, 2019

As daring as leaping off a towering cliff may seem, the paragliding experience ends up being a light thrill, and an enjoyable experience.

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Fun in the Peruvian Sun
March 8, 2019

The Peruvian seaside capital serves up fun in every form during the southern hemisphere summer months.

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Yachting the South Pacific
January 17, 2019

An ancient Latin city's favourite pastime is spiked with a glamorous twist when experienced courtesy of Atemporal.

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December 11, 2018

Ask a Peruvian about Picarones and wait for the sleepy smile and foggy eye-glaze to take over as if you had conjured up a fond memory of their late grandmother.

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Welcome Home, Stefan
October 31, 2018

A chance encounter, and a choice invite. The story behind Atemporal.

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Pisco, Wine's Bold Little Sister
September 28, 2018

South American viniculture is growing in popularity. Peru's signature liquor only enhances the trend.

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Central, Bigger and Better than Ever
July 25, 2018

Lima’s hottest concept restaurant has moved to greener pastures. Central has outgrown Lima’s touristic district, and is causing a wave in Barranco.

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June 26, 2018

South America's Largest Food Festival Comes Back to the Beach. Mistura is a monumental celebration of Peruvian gastronomy; an epic exhibition of gastronomy.

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Lima for Families
May 28, 2018

Yes, Lima is the new foodie capital of the world. Of course it is a surfer's paradise, and socialite weekend escape. But a family destination?!

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Lima Chosen to Host the 2018 Summit of the Americas
April 21, 2018

The City of Kings was just that this past weekend, hosting many world leaders and representatives in attendance at the Summit

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