Fun in the Peruvian Sun

March 8, 2019

The Peruvian seaside capital serves up fun in every form during the southern hemisphere summer months.

Lima, Peru has become well-known in the globe-trotting community for many characteristics: some know it by its famous weather as the city that never rains, some know it as the most happening seaside metropolis in South America. The culinary-inclined come for the world-renowned cuisine, while intellectuals come for the millenary history. Of all the serious pursuits possible in Peru’s capital, the latest buzz has been about the frivolous fun that is had by the casual traveler to the city by the sea.

In such a large city, it is recommended to rely on local knowledge to seek out the best hotspots and avoid the tracked-out tourist traps. The concierge at Atemporal excels in curating personalized itineraries. Of the many possible pursuits, a local favorite is a bicycle adventure down the coast to a beachfront seafood shack, specializing in net-to-table fare. There are a hundred routes that might lead one to a chic paper-napkin-and-priceless-view hangout, so make sure to discuss preferences for activity level to find the right route for the occasion.

If bicycling sounds a bit too much like home, ditch the wheels for fin and foam, and head to Lima’s world-renowned Green Coast for some of the planet’s most consistent surf. Head out early to beat the crowds, or venture out late for a mesmerizing view of the setting sun casting pink light upon the City of Kings from the water.

Dozens of beaches stretch along the length of Lima, each offering a unique break so there is something for all skill levels.

For the thrill-seeker who craves the website-worthy Lima panorama but doesn’t want to get in the water for the angle, paragliding is the newest Limenean sensation. Strap in alongside an experienced professional and leap off of the seaside cliffs for a flight to be remembered. State of the art motorized hangliding apparatus allow anybody to soar along one of the most dramatic cityscapes ever built; modern architecture coupled with colonial manors, bordering verdant parks above the vast pacific. Bring a camera and a nose to smell the roses – this is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Enjoying Lima’s summertime vibes is not all about adventure. The casual traveler has much to enjoy as well. Afternoons are well spent atop rooftop terraces sipping pisco sours and sampling the perfectly seasoned treats of the sea. Historical colonial mansions house indoor soccer tournaments and lounge-style cocktail bars. The city comes alive, and the infamous Latin Hospitality welcomes visitors with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

For the ultimate Lima summertime experience, contact Atemporal at or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

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