Do as Condors do

March 29, 2019

Peruvian civilizations have attempted to conquer flight for centuries

Peru is home to some of history’s most inquisitive and innovative cultures. It is also home to the Andean Condor, the largest of all flying birds. It is only natural then that flight has been a subject of fixation among intellectuals, from ancient times and continually in some of the more remote and undeveloped regions. Fast forward to modern day Lima, and on a daily basis locals and tourists alike take a leap of faith off the Green Coast’s ocean-hugging clifftops – only to catch a trusty gust of wind and soar over the city, as high as the sky-scrapers themselves.  

As daring as leaping off a towering cliff may seem, the paragliding experience ends up being a light thrill, and an immensely enjoyable experience. Novice gliders are required to fly in tandem, so anybody not licensed leaves the heavy lifting and all-important maneuvering to a professional. After the initial rush of the jump fades, first-time flyers can relax. Initial adrenaline recedes to espresso-level excitement, and incredible, expansive vistas flood the senses. The aerial view reveals The City of Kings in all its glory – a modern metropolis studded with nature’s most charming accessories, where work and play are possible to near limitless potential, and the mix between the two is at the sole discretion of the one steering.

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Adding ease to the equation, a new Chorrillos hang-gliding launch location has introduced motorized hang-gliding. Whereas flights and height potential were previously subject to wind and weight factors, the motor adds an overriding element to the experience, allowing gliders to explore farther, higher and longer, again with the safety of a professional. Launching from Chorrillos vs. Miraflores gives gliders a bit of a different experience. The Chorrillos base is located along the stretch of coastline originally developed as a summer getaway for the wealthy, featuring colonial casonas and height restrictions on buildings, contrasting the modern high-rise developments of Miraflores and San Isidro. Whichever base gliders choose, great fun is a given. And no need to bring a camera, as each flight comes with a complimentary HD video of the experience.

When searching for an activity to sandwich between Lima’s world-class historic sites and the city’s immensely popular culinary scene, look no further than up above – on any given day, hang-gliders and paragliders soar gracefully above the Green Coast’s verdant cliffs, beckoning to travelers to join in on the fun.

For the ultimate paragliding Lima experience, contact Atemporal at or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

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