Yachting the South Pacific

January 17, 2019

An ancient Latin city's favourite pastime is spiked with a glamorous twist

The City of Kings has a long maritime history – dating all the way back to around 100 AD when the Lima civilization first settled Peru’s Costa Verde, or Green Coast. Before Lima was the capital of Spanish-ruled South America, before it became a major port, and long before it evolved into a popular weekend destination for the Latin jetsetter crowd, Lima was a thriving capital city for a pre-Inca civilization. The Lima people are characterized by their far-reaching trade routes, their ceramics, and irrigation techniques, and of course their fishing and seafaring prowess. Much has changed in the centuries since. Two things that have not are the local love for unbeatably fresh seafood, and the beauty of the Green Coast when viewed from the perspective of the enchanting South Pacific waters.

For visitors who fancy a couple of days living like the city’s notorious socialites, complete with the best reservations in the city, and exclusive accommodation, why not add a half or full day yachting experience down the cliff-lined pacific coast.

(c) Yofre Morales

Setting off from the Barranco Marina, only 15 minutes from Atemporal, guests are treated to a private luxury yacht fully stocked with captain and crew, bubbly and other refreshments, and delicious hors d’oeuvres. The amenities are lovely, but the true feast is for the eyes. Cruisers who opt for a sunset sailing are treated to a rare delight, as they glide between the pink sun sinking behind the horizon to the west, and the glittering lights and verdant coastal parks of the Peruvian capital to the east. In keeping with the personalized service of the city hotel hideaway, the yachting excursion is customized to the palate of the guest – from time of departure, length of voyage, variety of snacks and sips on board. From the vantage point of an isolated yacht bobbing in the blue, the sky may seem so close you can touch it – in this case it may be better phrased to say “the stars are the limit” when considering exclusive experiences planned by Atemporal’s stellar concierge team. 

For the ultimate Lima saling experience, contact Atemporal at reservations@atemporal.pe or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

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