Barranco Open Studios

May 27, 2019

The end of April marked another buzzing Open Studios in Barranco. Atemporal team made it  a point to support their local scene by raising awareness with guests and providing maps and routes for a day of visiting studios and chumming it up with some of Lima's most vibrant artists.

The event takes place in late April/early May every year and is a unique opportunity to not only appreciate original art in abundance, but to actually meet the artists themselves. Some twenty to thirty art studios and workshops throughout the “SoHo of Lima”, the bohemian Barranco district, open to the public for a weekend of commerce, community, and above all, culture. The workshops range from the apartments of artists, frugally furnished yet featuring stunning paintings, ceramics and more, to professional galleries and warehouse style studios of an unmistakably underground vibe.

For visitors to the home-workshops, it is a unique chance to see how the locals live. The various rooms of residence turn into separate ambiences in a gallery, as the artists proudly show off the fruits of their labor and explain the processes of their creation. The artists are accustomed to hosting visitors and are extremely receptive to conversation, appreciating the interest in their lives and work. Just as each piece of art you will see throughout the route is original, each workshop you enter is unique, a reflection of the artist’s vision for their work and a manifestation of their particular brand of creativity.

Guests of Atemporal benefitted from custom itineraries to explore these studios, and make the most of a beautiful late-summer’s day in Lima as well. The always-on-call concierge sits down with guest to determine their specific interests and make recommendations on the best route between artists, as well as the best supplementary stops to keep the day flowing. Considering a trip to Peru? Who does this itinerary sound for a unique day in lima: Hop on one of the complimentary house bicycles for a leisurely ride along the ocean-side cliffs to Barranco, arriving to a niche breakfast nook serving coffee from around the world and homemade baked goodies in a serene garden setting. Pop in and out of various studios, before and after lunch at Barranco’s premier cevicheria. End the day with crafty bites and cocktails in a modern lounge setting down on the water for a picture-perfect sunset, and a delicious finish to a delightful day. 

To enjoy the Barranco Open Studios event, contact Atemporal Hotelito at or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

(c) first picture: El Comercio

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