Mat & Brunch with Isabella Ossio

January 31, 2023

Now that summer has begun in Lima, why not start your day right? Last Friday, we participated in one of our unique Mat & Brunch activations. Isabella Ossio, yoga and cycling instructor, took us through a series of yoga movements to warm up the body, ideal to re-energize first thing in the morning. Start with a guided meditation, progress slowly to stretching and releasing the tension, and treat yourself with a special outdoor white tablecloth brunch when you finish class. The practice and brunch take place in our casa's intimate terraced garden lounge. Surrounded by plants and art, it is hard not to be mesmerized by every detail.

Isabella's teaching style is versatile and dynamic while at the same time mindful, delicate, and friendly. Her intuition guides her movements, and she uses creativity between series to get from one posture to the other. For beginners or even more advanced yogis, this style is perfect for all levels and ages. The class combines postures, conscious breathing and meditation in a consistent manner. This will help you release tension, become more flexible, improve your posture and calm your nervous system, allowing you to achieve deep relaxation and open the body to get the energy flowing. 

With a capacity of approximately 8 - 10 guests, the experience feels personalized and private. A class where you can build confidence and ease the whole body into the day ahead. And why not mention that Isabella is gradually becoming our music guru? From alternative indie to hip hop/rap, pop and electronic, an impressive selection of genres and songs allows us to start internalizing, activating emotions and enjoying the process. 

And let's not forget the most important thing – the delicious food. Our host and house cook will welcome you to enjoy brunch under our Floripondio tree with beautiful white flowers at the charming terrace. The space is carefully designed to create a calm, fresh, vibrant environment. The table is set with various options: a charcuterie platter with different cheeses and hams, avocado, scrambled eggs and a selection of our finest bread. On the sweet side, you can find a wide variety of fruits, Greek yogurt, and our favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. There are also plenty of drinks to choose from. This time, we helped ourselves with freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of cappuccino with almond milk. 

But let's hear from the expert herself. We have asked Isabella a series of short questions so you can learn more about this experience. 

How did you start your career as a teacher?


I practiced yoga for three years before doing my first vinyasa yoga certification. After that, the desire to learn never left; I have had different teachers from whom I have learned a lot, but my trip to India definitely changed my way of practicing and teaching yoga. Since then, I have been teaching for nine years. It is a path of constant learning that fills me with satisfaction.

What style of yoga do you use in the classes? Can beginners join the class? 

I teach vinyasa, restorative, and mix with a bit of Iyengar. Yes, of course, beginners can come. Anything can be learned when we are present and connected. Nothing is impossible, and everything is a process that goes from less to more. I recommend yoga to everyone; it is a practice that changes your life in many ways.

What makes the Mat & Brunch experience unique?

Being able to share and connect with people looking for the same thing, well-being, a moment dedicated 100% to them, and, of course, eating delicious food in a beautiful place.

What do you like most about Atemporal? 

What I like most about Atemporal is the calm that the space transmits, the silence, and the ability to practice yoga under a Floripondio tree. It is a very special place and the food is delicious!

Live the summer to the fullest. This is the best time to visit Lima, and what better than coming to Atemporal, which constantly surprises us with its new experiences. Use this class to challenge yourselves and become better every day; remember, change brings progress, and progress means moving towards something better. 

Please practice yoga safely. 

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