Best Cafés in Lima, Peru: Our Top 10

March 14, 2023

In a place packed with so many vibrant restaurants, Lima is continually positioned as the most inviting and intriguing place in Peru. Thanks to its illustrious history and remarkable people, it is South America’s gastronomic capital, its cultural hub, and the gateway to its most exciting places: the Amazon Rainforest, Lake Titicaca and the Altiplano, miles and miles of golden coastline. Peru itself is home to the oldest civilizations in the Americas, and the capital city is informed by its deep history as it heads into the modern era of the 21st century, even in its identity as the country’s leader in restaurants and entertainment.


In Lima, the energy around food is palpable. New ideas and innovative practices are sprouting up daily, producing restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops unlike any others in the world. Some of the best chefs and restaurateurs hail from Lima, cutting their teeth on the historic practices thousands of years in the making. Virgilio Martinez, Gaston Acurio, and Pia Leon are all natives of Lima, and their food and brands have introduced Peruvian cuisine and culture to new audiences.


Now casual bistros and cafes are finding their way in the city. Small bites, coffees, local ingredients, and so much more are changing the way Peruvians and visitors take on the day. Most importantly, as the identity of Lima’s most iconic eateries have become known the world over, they highlight the hometown hits that keep the locals – including all of us at Andean Experience – sated and happy.


No matter what you are looking for, Lima has the best cafes to explore and understand the people who have influenced the favorite parts of the industry. At the crossroads of history, modernity, and just plain fun, there is a never-ending catalog of impressive going out spots. Here is our list of the Top 10 Cafes in Lima, Peru.




Buena Vista Café


Instagram: @buenavistacafe.peru


Nostalgia and family go hand in hand at one of the most notable cafes in the Miraflores neighborhood, Buena Vista Café. Football, food, and coffee brought two brothers together, and Marcelo and Eduardo’s view of the Mar de Grau couldn’t be sweeter. Sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean, guarded by hand-crafted wooden banisters surrounded by greenery, make an experience here surreal. A covered patio compliments umbrellas at each table, and it is difficult to find a seat that doesn’t catch a glimpse of the setting sun.


The fare at Buena Vista is a combination of Peruvian classics and comfort food. From salchipapas to ice cream, everything is delicious and beautiful. The espresso machine handles an eclectic menu for a wide variety of beverages. Coffee is served in one-of-a-kind ceramic cups, and table service is casual. The milkshakes are offered in diner-style glasses. Handsome wicker baskets host French fries and sandwiches. Garnished exquisitely and served with a smile, Buena Vista Café is an absolute must for every trip to Lima.


Caleta Dolsa


Instagram: @caleta.dolsacoffee


Toasting and roasting beans in-house is one of the best parts about Caleta Dolsa. Located in the heart of coastal Barranco, it is one of Lima’s premiere coffee destinations, established in 2018. Pour over coffee and espresso are all on the menu, and it has a bright and airy dining room to compliment a comfortable patio. The features and accessories around the café, like the wooden serving boards, clean aesthetic, and clinical latte art, give it a low-key surf vibe and make it a perfect place to take in the atmosphere with a treat.


Along with single origin roasting and a dedication to Peruvian farms, the food is top notch, too. Eggs Benedict sits at the top, making it more than just a coffee pit stop on your day. Carefully plated granola and fruit bowls make healthy eating fun and allow for an authentic café experience. Casual and cool, grab a seat on the open patio and enjoy early morning sun. And if you love it as much as we do, grab some merch – the palm tree-on-skull logo can be spotted across Lima.



Café de Lima


Instagram: @cafedelima


Casual and delicious seems to be the mantra at Café de Lima, and its poetic approach to coffee and bread validate the description. Whether it’s the murals - a man flying to catch a pheasant with a doghouse on his back, a hummingbird feasting at a flower, a boy planting a tree - or the words scattered about the space in beautiful structure, you can’t help but feel the artistic energy pulsing through the café. High ceilings and the open area make it feel welcome and cozy. A bar with high top stools offers even more seating for working guests and friends catching up.


The beverages and food are of the highest order, and Café de Lima starts with its own bread. Kneaded and baked on site, they churn out croissants, baguettes, seeded loaves, and everything you can get your hands on. Granola and oat bowls coincide with a wide array of empanadas, and the Limadictinos are a great version of Eggs Benedict. Try the French Toast for a true poetic experience at this Miraflores gem.


Pan de la Chola


Instagram: @elpandelachola


Pillars and factory windows are somehow inviting at Pan de la Chola, bringing an artisan touch to an otherwise industrial space. Located in Miraflores, they use local ingredients to perfect their bread, an excellent addition to a morning coffee. The pastry case beautifully presents the bakes of the day, this self-described contemporary artisanal bakery brings carefully and thoughtfully produced goods to a bustling city scene, a concept masterfully executed in one of Lima’s most vibrant districts.


The food, which can be bought wholesale or for a simple delight, is on another level at Pan de la Chola. Based around bread (flour, salt, and water), you can find pastries and loaves to enjoy on the go. You can also order unreal sandwiches – including the Instagram-worthy porchetta (made in-house) and veggie – and pizzas. For coffee, under the selection and roasting of Café Verde, they offer a selection of San Martin, Amazonas, and Cajamarca, with others available as well. Local and delicate, food and beverage is an art here that is a soothing experience in such a busy urban setting.



Demo Merito


Instagram: @demo.lima

It would be a crime not to visit Lima and skip out on pastries at Demo Merito. Arguably some of the best in Peru, the team behind Barranco’s coolest café incorporate their passion for breakfast with innovative baking techniques for a brunch experience unlike any other. Tall doors in a historic building open to a dining room of white brick and simple wood design. Basic and unpretentious décor welcomes hungry and thirsty visitors into the magic of the pastry case, where all the attention is clearly placed.


Coffees and espresso drinks are delicately created, served on authentic dishware that highlights the drink and food. Handle-less pottery pieces serve up gorgeously crafted far, from Americanos to cappuccinos, and milk alternatives also provide non-dairy options. As pastries, however, take center stage. You can certainly order pan y huevos or a cachapa, scrumptious in their own right, but do not miss the cruffins or cinnamon roll. The croissant-muffin hybrid is a work of art and perhaps the best pastry on Earth, while the cinnamon roll is so unique in its knotting technique and flavor profile that you might just go back every day.



Mo Café




Comforting and delicious, Mo Café thrives off the simple and effective concept of pleasing the crowd. Huge windows and plant-lined walkways give it a clean aesthetic. The dining room has plenty of light, with industrial chic appliances for a modern feel. The enclosed patio has heaters, and the inside utilizes its space well. An upstairs boasts additional seating, and the café seems to have perfected worldly-influenced Peruvian favorites. Expansive and enticing, there is often a collaborative effort with outside chefs and events to engage with the neighborhood.


When it comes to the food and drink, Mo Café hits it out of the park with its ingenuity. Breakfast staples like pancakes and waffles have a unique twist, checking off the boxes for typical brunch fare as well as being fun new items. Though spritzes and mimosas are available, espresso drinks are tastefully presented in cute cups. Lattes are replete with foamed hearts and flowers, picture perfect drinks to begin the day. If you want to indulge, try the Fior di Latte sundae with butterscotch and salt – decadent and shareable.  



Puku Puku


Instagram: @pukupukucafe


For Limeños and Peruvians, Puku Puku is considered the local. Multiple locations in the city make it an easy go-to café for San Isidro and Miraflores, utilizing micro lots to create a unique experience. These micro lots, which are essentially rare, high-quality batches of coffee, are all made within Peru, doubling down on their slogan – “let’s wake up the world.” They also focus on recyclable materials for their disposable products, further promoting a sustainable growth model. Wood tables, open patios, and ample seating go together with a casual and friendly atmosphere where the striking Puku Puku bird can be seen on mugs, plates, and other merchandise.


The coffee, which can be sold wholesale from the brick-and-mortar stores and online, is a particularly first-rate brew. The roasters and the espresso machines are modern and capable of handling high volume, so traditionally brewed special roasts are complimented by an expansive espresso menu. Cold brew season is especially sweet – the layered version of the drink is one of the best known at Puku Puku.



Colonia and Co.




Ambience takes center stage at Colonia and Co., with a sleek appearance and stylish décor. Couches and shelves of plants are contrasted with champagne walls that expand the room in this Barranco café, where even the dogs are impressed – yes, it is pet friendly. Tables are simple and contemporary, providing space to get work down, read a book, or share time with friends. A full-service café, Colonia and Co. has hearty plates of food, wine, and more traditional morning fare.


The beverages are excellent, and one visit makes it easy to see they have mastered the artistic side of coffee. Foamy cappuccinos and lattes have the obligatory lotus and heart image poured delicately on top, and macchiatos are loyal to the pour over process. Even the garnishes have been carefully thought out, with fresh fruit mimosas available for the brunch crowd. The food is eclectic as well; we know you’ll love the French toast and the churros, but the Spaguetti Barranquino is a must-try.

Lila Dasso


Instagram: @lila.dasso


What is seemingly one of San Isidro’s premiere cafes, Lila Dasso is also one of its most cutting-edge. Opened in 2021, the experience behind the team is quite impressive, working with the likes of Mercado and Troppo. But what came together was innovative yet comfortable, including outdoor space, a terrace, and a garden. Even the cocktails feel like elevated home comforts. With a bit of exposed brick, an open kitchen, and a clean set bar, brunch and coffee have never been cuter.


Espresso drinks appear complex, but focus on the simple basics that are enjoyable every day. Lila Dasso makes cappuccinos and lattes into fashionable transparent bodega glassware, at times even into teacups and saucers. The food is delectable, both sweets and savories, with personalized spins on pastries. Potato omelets and coconut buns are just the beginning because the café features a full menu, churning out everything from Thai tuna to roasted cauliflower and back to sourdough cake with yogurt cream. There is something magical about the ease that Lila makes you feel right at home with such creative and extraordinary dishes. 



Ondo Café


Instagram: @ondo_lima


If the unique treats at Ondo Café aren’t enough to get you running to Miraflores, then their coffee certainly will. The atmosphere is somehow casual, comfortable, and energetic all at once. The terrace allows for plenty of light into the space, and the windows do the same for the room inside. Comfortable and clean, the décor is cute and inviting, where people can gather to lose the afternoon in a coffee.


While coffee at Ondo is great, with some interesting and tantalizing options – think orange espresso, the baked goods are unforgettable. Quick bites can be eggs poached on chard cake, pecan caramel doughnuts with a tower of cream on top, or coffee profiteroles, all rare twists on breakfast snacks. You really can’t get enough of the doughnuts, which are some of the best in Lima. If you had to choose just one, we recommend the cinnamon dulce de leche doughnut, stuffed with pecan praline.

BONUS: Atemporal


Instagram: @atemporal_lima 

We must mention Atemporal because it is classically delicious, with a heavy focus on seamless service. The six-room casa is centrally located in Lima and serves as a quiet refuge amid such a large city. Décor, fixtures, and design is elegant in its presentation while also providing the modern accoutrement that make it a top destination. An airy table within the garden, taking in the morning, is sure to please any guest.


The food is nothing short of exceptional, featuring many breakfast and brunch staples. Homemade sweet loaves, fresh fruit, and granola parfaits are offered on the lighter side, while more serious diners can choose from larger plates with eggs and meat. The coffee is served in striking dishware, an homage to a former time when the casa existed as a mansion and homestead. The event of brunch is very much alive at Atemporal, and it is one of the best ways to begin a day in Lima.



The café scene is one of the most appealing aspects of visiting a new city, one of the best ways to explore an area, and one of the many engaging endeavors offered by Andean Experience. With a casa housed in a former 1940s mansion, Atemporal is our full-service home in the heart of Miraflores, Lima. We can curate a personalized trip from start to finish, guiding you through the best that Peru has to offer. Sip and savor your favorite café delicacies as you experience the capital city as a local, retiring to the comforts of our casa to relax and unwind. Our service professionals will design each moment of your trip to maximize your experience and provide a trip you will never forget.


A never-ending selection of cafés across the city is one of the many reasons to come and experience Lima. Peruvian fare, including its keen eye for sustainability practices, pairs perfectly with home-grown coffee. Whether catching up with friends over an iced tea, finishing up work on the terrace with a light breakfast, or just people watching from the wide windows of your local shop with a pour over, come see the heart of South America. Wake up to Lima and grab a bite in our amazing city.

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Best Cafés in Lima, Peru: Our Top 10

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A never-ending selection of cafés across the city is one of the many reasons to come and experience Lima. Peruvian fare, including its keen eye for sustainability practices, pairs perfectly with home-grown coffee. Whether catching up with friends over an iced tea, finishing up work on the terrace with a light breakfast, or just people watching from the wide windows of your local shop with a pour over, come see the heart of South America.

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