Welcome Home, Stefan

October 31, 2018

A  chance encounter, and a choice invite. The story behind Atemporal.

The scene is this: You sit down at the polished bar. Your second night in Paris, and the thick charm of the place has not even remotely begun to subside. Hearing the scrape of a barstool, you look to your right and notice a well dressed, albeit sun-worn, man taking a seat next to you. This man orders the house limoncello (“does he know something I don’t?”), introduces himself as Stefan.

As Stefan slides his latest prized photos back into his shoulder bag, your head spins just a little with the curiosity of the encounter. Stefan is an international travel photographer, a profession that apparently lends itself to quite a few stories and easy conversation. “You strike me as an individual of taste” Stefan says. “Have you been to Lima?”.

If you have the occasion to visit, you absolutely must stay at my summer house. I am rarely in town, and I send many visitors. My staff treat anybody who knocks on the door as they would me, a family member or close friend. The manor is located in Miraflores, the most exclusive neighborhood in the city. My chauffeur is available, as is my house car, to take you to the world-class dining reservations that my butler can arrange. My chef is on call 24 hours if you would like something from the kitchen at any hour. My staff will offer you a hotspot for your pocket so you are connected throughout the city. Feel free to dial internationally. We have bicycles to explore the leafy neighborhoods and dramatic coastline. There is Netflix on the television; coffee, tea, and snacks are available all day. When you return in the evening my staff will have what they call their ‘welcome back drink’ waiting for you, as well there is an honesty bar in the salon that you are free to use, just let the staff know what you had on your way out".

The mysterious and elusive Stefan, is the inspiration and concept behind Lima’s boutique Atemporal Hotelito. The unique service has gained this chic city hotel quite the reputation in the short year since its opening; including, 2017 Conde Nast Hot List for new hotels, as the only South American property featured.  Should the continuing rave reviews and the curious character Stefan peak your interest in a visit to Lima, our friendly staff are waiting with your Welcome back drink in hand.

To reserve your stay, contact Atemporal at reservations@atemporal.pe or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

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