Lima for Families

May 28, 2018

Yes, Lima is the new foodie capital of the world. Of course it is a surfer's paradise and socialite weekend escape. But a family destination?! Of Course!

Peru is a hotbed of culture, history, nature and adventure, and a fantastic family destination. Children are astounded when they lay eyes upon Machu Picchu, enthralled with the artifacts and stories of Inca conquests, and thrilled by the hikes and myriad activities from biking to paragliding and whitewater rafting. But family-friendly attractions are not limited to the Cusco region – Lima carries its weight with regard to entertaining the little ones, keeping in line with the city’s growing reputation as a safe and fun world-class destination.

Downtown Lima’s Magical Water Circuit is hugely popular with the little ones. The multi-sensory park features dozens of water fountains, some strictly aesthetic while others beg interaction. The artistic water exhibits vary in size, style and theme, so each fountain offers a fresh, distinct experience. Fair-style food and beverage stands offer a unique taste of contemporary Peruvian culture. The walk in the park is capped off by a grand finale, a magnificent water show set to music and lights, telling a story who’s message varies by night, but never fails to delight.

The Magical Water Circuit is set in the city center, making it the perfect addition to a historical excursion through the highlights of the colonial capital of South America. A bit closer to your Limeñan home, however, hide more family favorites. Bike, hike, or hire a driver for the day to connect the dots between the city’s liveliest oceanfront neighborhoods, where song and dance spontaneously erupt, exceptional artisan handicrafts are displayed in abundance, and a variety of interactive children’s museums inject education into the enjoyment. A few of the favorites include the interactive Museum of Electricity, where science is turned to a series of games and puzzles, and the Chocolate Workshop, where families follow the journey of chocolate from bean to bar, and even create a delectable treat themselves.

But exploring Peruvian culture through its culinary creations goes much deeper than just desserts. Families with a healthy appetite for flavor and fun can join a popular Peruvian television chef-personality for a locally led trip through a bustling market. After sampling exotic offerings and trying a hand at bartering with the friendly vendors, accompany your chef to her private ocean-view home for a look at how Limeñans live, and to help her prepare and enjoy a full three-course Peruvian meal. If getting dirty in the kitchen is not your family’s cup of tea, consider eating your way through a specially curated route of Lima’s scrumptious street fare, or sampling different courses along a string of the city’s exceptional eateries.

When all palates are satisfied, adventure awaits. Depending on the interests and appetite for adrenaline, possible activities vary from biking along the coast, learning to surf on one of the world’s most consistent breaks, and taking an exhilarating flight over the dramatic cliff-lined coastline with a professional paragliding partner. The child (or child-at-heart) that dreams of uncovering the next archaeological discovery or exploring tombs Indiana Jones style, may do just that with the assistance of a renowned archeologist or anthropologist. Equine appreciators can combine century-old ruins with a Marinera show, a traditional dance starring the Peruvian Paso Horse, widely regarded as the world’s most graceful breed. If just watching the stylish stallions is not enough, saddle up and ride into the desert, where sand-boarding down some of the world’s highest dunes is sure to thrill.

Fun in Lima is a family affair indeed. Classical sightseeing is easily combined with light-hearted activities. Educational opportunities are interactive and feel (or taste!) like a treat. Exhilarating adventures abound, and cultures cohere through the universal languages of laughter and discovery. Bottom line: Lima is more than a foodie’s indulgence or jet-setter’s retreat. Bring the whole tribe, and prepare for a terrific time! 

To find out more about family-friendly activities in LIma, contact Atemporal at or call +51-1-700-5106 or, if you are in the US, 1-347-713-7030/34.

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