Barranco comes alive at night

January 17, 2018

Lima’s most picturesque district, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is packed with cafes and bars that come to life after dark.

Sipping a cocktail al fresco while watching the sun go down over the south Pacific is what Barranco is all about.

Full of museums, cafes, restaurants and picturesque 19th Century architecture, the bohemian district of Barranco is widely regarded as Lima’s hippest and most picturesque. Although visiting here during the day is always a fun experience, especially if you decide to just lose yourself as you stroll through its leafy streets above the Pacific, the district arguably only truly comes into its own after dark. Many Peruvians travel from across Lima to party here on a Friday or Saturday night. So too do foreign visitors, thanks to its myriad bars, with options for all pockets.

One of the best known Barranco bars is Ayahuasca, which also happens to be just three blocks from Peru Empire’s head office. Named after the powerful Amazonian hallucinogen, Ayahuasca is located in a large atmospheric palacio, with high ceilings and aged wooden floors, but with a modern, uniquely Peruvian designer touch. Another favorite is Picas, on the cobbled path down to Barranco’s beach. Inside, the décor is minimalist and modern and the music pounding but, if you can get a table, we recommend sitting on the patio outside, watching the passersby as they head up and down the cobbled path to neighboring restaurants.


If you are looking for something more traditional then there is Piselli, an old haunt of many bohemian locals, including artists and writers. With its old wooden bar and freshly cut ham sandwiches, it feels like something out of the mists of time, particularly when locals pull out their guitars and play some raucous Peruvian folk music. Meanwhile, Barranco has also been a hub of Peru’s booming craft beer scene. One new bar is run by Barbarian, one of the country’s best microbreweries, but there is also the Barranco Beer Company, which has a good range of beers. There are also new bars popping up all the time in Barranco so do ask Atemporal staff which ones they would recommend.

To visit Barranco at night during your stay with Atemporal visit, mail or call +51 1 700 5106.

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