Santa María 190, Miraflores 15074,
Lima - Perú


Perú +51 1 700 5141

                 +51 944 118 816

Inquiries and Reservations

Peru +51 1 700 5105       USA +1 347 713 7030

                                                    +1 347 713 7034

              +51 944 196 058


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Atemporal offers its guests an alternative lodging experience. The tireless personalized attention to detail includes a Maître de maison, concierge on duty around the clock, house car and chauffeur for short excursions, 24/7 menu created with locally-sourced natural ingredients, and full connectivity.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility; whatever a guest requests, we will go out of our way to come up with a made-to-measure solution, including exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Lima’s contemporary creative scene. Atemporal is entirely private, meaning only guests and those they invite can use its exclusive spaces, with their offbeat but functional collector’s aesthetic, including a veranda, salon and private garden.