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September 25, 2019

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The Festive Season in Lima; when Locals Hit the Beach

December 19, 2017

Lima’s summer is sunny and intense and arrives without fail around Christmas.
In keeping with Catholic tradition, Peruvians’ main celebration is Christmas Eve, with presents given out at midnight. Then comes three months of sand, sea and surf.

It’s the festive season once again but while most in the northern hemisphere are dreaming of a white Christmas, this is the time of year when Lima locals start preparing for the beach. Our city might be some 12° south of the equator but its unusually stable climate is defined by sea and air currents rather than latitude. That means that around Christmas, give or take a week, summer arrives without fail, with temperatures hitting 80F and bright sunshine the default until the end of March or early April.


That means that for most locals in Lima, Christmas — or more accurately Christmas Eve, given that Peruvians, like other predominantly-Catholic societies, really celebrate on December 24th — is spent with the family, not to mention plenty of turkey a few pisco sours, but New Year’s Eve traditionally marks a great exodus from our city to beaches north, and mainly south, of the capital. Many affluent locals own holiday homes or rent for the entire three month-period and spend weekends here as well as any weekdays they can also manage. Surfing is an important part of the culture in Lima and along Peru’s entire Pacific coast, so many will be riding waves, but there are plenty of other traditions too, including knocking back ceviche and other Peruvian seafood dishes, often with an ice cold local lager.


Of course, some do not even bother to leave the city. Lima, famously, overlooks the Pacific, so many in the city flock to the capital’s beaches. Some of the most popular beaches almost resemble colonies of strange marine animals out of a wildlife documentary, so packed are they with locals sporting beach gear and parasols. We imagine these ones you might want to observe from afar but would prefer to visit other less crowded spots. There are also several great restaurants along Lima’s shoreline including the well-known Rosa Nautica, at the end of a long pier, giving a perfect view of the suffers all around. If you are looking for a sweltering escape from the northern winter, then for the next three months, Lima and Atemporal could just be perfect for you.



To learn about the best beaches, and other activities to enjoy Lima’s southern summer, while staying at Atemporal, visit or contact or on +51 1 700 5106 or, if you are in the US, 347 713 7030/34.

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