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September 25, 2019

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The Malecón, Lima’s Cliff-top Park Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

September 19, 2017

Fotografía © alex bryce
Whether it’s a gentle stroll, a bike ride or paragliding over the sea, the Malecón is the perfect place to be.
The park runs the length of Miraflores and resumes in bohemian Barranco.


New York has Central Park and London has Regents Park. In Lima, if you want a splash of greenery, the place to go is the Malecón. In most Spanish-speaking countries, the word refers to a seafront boulevard. Perhaps the best known example is that of Havana. In Lima, however, the word means something more; here, when we use it, we are typically referring to the long, thin park that runs for two miles or so along the top of the sea-cliffs in the districts of Miraflores and Barranco. Most agree that this park is one of Lima’s greatest features. On a summer’s day, in January, February or March, it is particularly glorious.



The Malecón provides spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Being west facing, that is especially true at sunset, when you can watch the sun finally dip below the waves on the horizon. It is also a great place to watch — and, if you have a powerful lens, photograph — the surfers doing their thing on the breaks down below, particularly when there is a good swell. Just going for a stroll along the Malecón is a “must” of any Lima itinerary. But it is also a great place to go for a bike ride; you can use one of the Atemporal house bikes, and there are also various options for renting yourself a set of wheels along the Malecón itself. You could also just lie in the grass, or dine at the handful of exclusive restaurants overlooking the Malecón, or go shopping at Larcomar, the mall set into the sea-cliffs below the Malecón.


If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at paragliding to get the most spectacular views, or selfies, available in Lima. There is a designated paragliding zone with registered pilots who make it their business to offer tandem rides high above the park and the crashing waves far below. But even if you don’t feel like getting airborne, the paragliders still add to the Malecón’s allure as they frequently swing by overhead or out over the sea, making the stunning view even that more atmospheric.


To visit the Malecón during your stay with Atemporal visit or contact or on +51 1 700 5106 or, if you are in the US, 347 713 7030/34.

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