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September 25, 2019

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Félix Brasserie, the Relaxed New Offering from One of Peru’s Top Chefs

May 11, 2017

Just a few blocks from Atemporal, Félix Brasserie, from Rafael Osterling, was arguably the restaurant opening of 2016 in Lima.
Osterling is best known for his other restaurants El Mercado and Rafael, ranked among Latin America’s 50 best eateries.


Rafael Osterling has long been established as among the crème de la crème of Peruvian chefs, one of the three or four most recognized in the country. He made his name with El Mercado and above all the eponymous Rafael, both in Miraflores. The latter, in particular, has attracted rave revues and been ranked among the best in Latin America.


Yet Osterling has actually moved in a new, more grounded direction, away from degustation menus of endless, tiny servings of the kind that usually garner critical acclaim. Instead, he has made a conscious decision to embrace the more typical notion of a restaurant, with just a handful of courses, heartier portions. The plan is to keep his diners, rather than the critics, happy. By all accounts he has been extremely successful at that. It is in that context that one needs to understand his newest project, Félix Brasserie, just a short hop from Atemporal.


The idea is a more relaxed and accessible dining experience. And the first thing that customers need to grasp is that this is not, despite the name, anything resembling a French brasserie. The menu is short but eclectic, drawing on Peruvian and other traditions, and designed to satisfy, ranging from shrimp and grouper croquettes to hamburgers, and sweetbreads on toast to Greek salad. The recipes may be simple, relatively, but are all turned out with the assurance of an internationally-acclaimed master of Peruvian haute cuisine. If you are in Lima and hungry, then you cannot go wrong with Félix Brasserie.


To visit Félix Brasserie, or any of Lima’s other top restaurants, during your stay with Atemporal, visit or contact or on +51 1 700 5106 or, if you are in the US, 347 713 7030/34.

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