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September 25, 2019

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Miraflores, Atemporal’s Hip, Vibrant and Historical Neighbourhood

February 7, 2017

The district has a long, fascinating backstory. It is also now home to many of Lima’s best restaurants, galleries, museums and shops.
The cultural heart of Lima, the area that is today Miraflores, has actually been inhabited for millennia.



For us, locating Atemporal in Miraflores was an obvious decision, based on some very contemporary considerations. The district is vibrant and hip, combing leafy residential areas with many of Lima’s major attractions, from restaurants and surf breaks, to galleries, museums and shops. But Miraflores also has a fascinating backstory going back long before not just independence but even the Spanish conquest.


Some three millennia ago, the area that is today Lima was home to small but thriving indigenous communities that grew cotton and had a diet rich in seafood. Indeed, the Peruvian capital’s best known archeological site is the Huaca Pucllana, just a short stroll from Atemporal. The Huaca, loosely translated into English as “pyramid” although the word’s primary meaning is “sacred place” or “sacred thing”, is an adobe brick structure covering several acres that, it is believed was a religious center. Today, visitors can tour it to learn about the pre-Colombian “Lima” culture and also dine at an eponymous restaurant with close-up views of the Huaca.



The Spaniards actually founded the town of Miraflores in the 16th Century, in the earliest days of the colonial era. It was subsequently the scene of a key meeting in 1820 between the Viceroy and the insurgent leader José de San Martin, as the Spaniards were slowly and painfully expelled from South America.


The district was formally founded in 1857 and was the scene of another historic encounter in 1881, one that was far more painful for Peru; the Battle of Miraflores, in which the Chilean army routed the Peruvian military during the War of the Pacific. During the conflict, Chile seized territory from Peru and Bolivia, including the latter’s entire coastline, an issue that still mars relations between these two neighbors of Peru. Curious visitors can still see the fortifications and canons used by the Peruvian forces in the Recinto Park, a short hop by car from Atemporal.


Miraflores has many other historical attractions, from the colonial through to the modern eras, from palacios to the exclusive Waikiki surf club that spawned Felipe Pomar, Peru’s first ever surf world champion, back in 1965. To learn more about historical Miraflores, just ask the staff at Atemporal.



To explore Miraflores, including getting off the beaten path, during your stay with Atemporal visit or contact or on +51 1 700 5106 or, if you are in the US, 347 713 7030/34.


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