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September 25, 2019

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Enjoy a Mouthwatering Escape to Lima with Atemporal

November 28, 2016

We are now offering gourmet tasting experiences of our city curated by our gastronomy concierge, perfect for a brief getaway to the Peruvian capital as the southern summer kicks off.
Lima has nine restaurants — including the top two — in the 2016 edition of San Pellegrino‘s rankings of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, more than any other city.


There are many reasons to visit Lima but none has made more headlines recently than the city’s dynamic culinary scene. Peru’s stunningly diverse natural pantry, with ingredients from the Amazon, Andes and prolific Pacific fisheries, and a host of influences from indigenous to Italian, Chinese and Japanese to Spanish and African has somehow, almost literally, created a melting pot of one of the world’s most original, varied and flat out delicious national cuisines.


That is why a culinary journey with Atemporal is about as perfect a way as there may be to explore Lima, not to mention a brief escape of four or five days from the US. You can pick and choose from gourmet experiences expertly curated by our gastronomy concierge with a Rolodex full of the city’s top chefs and restaurateurs. These include Peruvian cookery classes, and dégustation sessions of some of Peru’s delicious coffees or brands of pisco, the delightfully-smooth grappa produced in southern Peru and which is something of a national symbol here.



But, of course, the highlight for most will be actually experiencing the diverse and unique array of Peruvian flavors in some of Lima’s — and Latin America’s — top restaurants, including the region’s top ranked two eateries, Central (which is about to move to a new locale in the Bohemian seaside district of Barranco), and Peruvian-Japanese or Nikkei specialist Maido, or the restaurant that launched Peru’s culinary boom, Astrid y Gastón, and many, many more. You could try our four days/three nights carefully curated culinary escape, or design your own bespoke program with the help of one of our Lima-based experts.



Whatever your fancy, we will be delighted to organize your visit to the perfect eatery. The most obvious highlights will be criollo or local Peruvian cuisine, particularly seafood, featuring ceviche, the marinated seafood salad often cited as Peru’s national dish. But separating criollo food from the various strains of fusion with cuisines from other parts of the world is also impossible; a fact confirmed by a quick look inside any Peruvian kitchen, where you will find everything from woks to cumin, and parmesan to soy sauce, along with all kinds of uniquely Peruvian ingredients, such as the Andean herb huacatay or Amazonian fruit such as camu camu.


With a blazing summer about to start in Lima and the northern winter upon North America and Europe, what better time could there be than to try a ceviche in Lima?



To learn more about culinary options during your stay with Atemporal visit or contact or call +51 1 700 5106 or, if you are in the US, 347 713 7030/34.


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